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What are the most beautiful haute couture brands, the best couturiers and stylists?

Haute Couture Designers

About haute couture

These major high fashion brands are renowned for the excellence of their collections. Each new collection presents exceptional clothing during spring-summer and fall-winter fashion shows. The creations are made from high quality fabrics, often unusual. These fabrics are sewn with extreme attention to detail. They are finished by the most experienced couturiers and fashion designers.

Why is haute couture so fascinating?

Haute couture (French for ‘high sewing’ or ‘high dressmaking’) refers to the creation of exclusive fashions. It is a common term for custom-fitted clothing as made primarily in Paris but also in other fashion capitals such as New York, London, and Milan.

It is the creation of impeccable bespoke high-end fashion design, now partly handcrafted, often with other handmade and unique decorations, concepts, and embellishments.

High fashion garments are always made for the individual customer, specifically tailored to the wearer’s measurements and posture, personal preferences and clothing needs.

Given the time, money, and skill allotted to each completed piece, haute couture garments, until recently, were part of a person’s wardrobe, and were even designed to be dressed up.  Few women in the world can afford haute couture, where some dresses start at a price beyond the stars.

The big fashion houses take advantage of the fashion shows of new creations to communicate.

an elegant, esthetic and positive haute couture in beautiful colors

The most beautiful high fashion brands

We are honored to present the most iconic and celebrated brands of high fashion. These elite labels are known for their impeccable craftsmanship, use of the finest materials, and unparalleled designs that exude refinement. Indulge in the world of haute couture and elevate your sense of style with our curated selection of the most beautiful high fashion brands.

How Did the High Fashion Industry Emerge and Evolve in the 19th and 20th Centuries?

The origins of haute couture can be traced back to the fashion house of Charles Frederick Worth, a British designer who moved to Paris in the mid-19th century. Worth was the first designer to create a collection of garments that were shown on live models in his atelier and sold to clients directly, rather than being made to order.

High fashion history in the early 20 century

In the early 20th century, the high fashion industry in Paris flourished, with designers such as Coco Chanel and Christian Dior gaining international fame and recognition.

christian dior - new look 1940

These designers not only created beautiful garments but also revolutionized the way women dressed, introducing new silhouettes and styles that are still influential today.

The high fashion industry has faced many challenges over the years, including the impact of two world wars and the rise of ready-to-wear clothing. However, it continues to thrive, with new designers and fashion houses emerging and pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Today, the high fashion industry is a global phenomenon, with fashion weeks held in cities around the world and luxury brands expanding their offerings to include everything from accessories and beauty products to home decor and lifestyle items.

Overall, the history of the high fashion industry is a story of creativity, innovation, and cultural influence that has shaped the way we think about clothing and style.

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More info about high fashion

What is high fashion?

High fashion, also known as haute couture, emphasizes craftsmanship in the manufacture of garments. High fashion is often considered an art form as it combines creativity, skill and technical know-how to create unique and beautiful clothing.

How to become a high fashion designer?

Becoming a high fashion designer requires a combination of education, skills, and experience. A fashion design degree will teach the technical skills and artistic concepts necessary to create garments. After graduation, working as an assistant to a top designer, gain valuable industry experience. Starting an own clothing line demand to build awareness and reputation through fashion shows, contests, and other industry events.

Who wears high fashion?

The elite usually wears high fashion. This includes people in the fashion industry, including models, fashion editors, and designers, celebrities and wealthy individuals who can afford to spend many thousands of dollars on a single outfit.

How has high fashion evolved since the 20th century?

In the 20th century, high fashion was influenced by popular culture and the rise of the fashion industry. High-fashion designers began experimenting with new fabrics, silhouettes and styles, and the use of sewing machines and other techniques became more widespread. Today, high fashion is more influenced by the latest trends and pop culture. The use of technology continues to play an important role in the creation of high-end clothing.

The most beautiful high fashion brands

We are honored to present the most iconic and celebrated brands of high fashion. These elite labels are known for their impeccable craftsmanship, use of the finest materials, and unparalleled designs that exude refinement. Indulge in the world of haute couture and elevate your sense of style with our curated selection of the most beautiful high fashion brands.

Jump into your dreams !

Jump into your dreams !

When you have a dream, chase it down, jump over every single hurdle, and run through fire and ice to get there.

Chanel’s Spectacular Cruise Fashion Show at the Grand Palais

Chanel’s Spectacular Cruise Fashion Show at the Grand Palais

Explore the grandeur of Chanel’s Cruise Fashion Show at the Grand Palais, a landmark event blending fashion, art, and architecture. Discover how Karl Lagerfeld’s vision transformed the iconic venue into a nautical spectacle, setting a new standard in luxury fashion.

British or Not British ?

British or Not British ?

D’une main de Maître-Tailleur, il se met en mille pour vous tirer à quatre épingles. Il vous accueille et vous aiguille avec passion.

À propos des marques de la haute couture

Ces grandes marques de la haute couture sont réputées pour l’excellence de leurs collections. Chaque nouvelle collection présente des vêtements d’exception lors de défilés de mode printemps-été et automne-hiver.  Les créations sont réalisées à partir de tissus de haute qualité, souvent inhabituels. Ces étoffes sont cousues avec une extrême attention dans les détails. Elles sont finies par les couturiers les plus expérimentés.

La Haute couture sensible aux tendances


L'art de la mode

Sensible à l'air du temps, le styliste anticipe les tendances de la mode.  Dans la haute couture, le modèle produit peut être unique. On parle alors de créateur de mode. 

The members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture

“Haute Couture”, like “champagne”, is a French-protected designation that can only be used by companies that meet certain well-defined standards.

The great couturiers are brought together by a union chamber based in Paris, forming a prestigious club around the high degree of elegance and creativity of high fashion.

Official members

  • Adeline André
  • Alexandre Vauthier
  • Alexis Mabille
  • Balenciaga
  • Balmain
  • Bouchra Jarrar
  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Franck Sorbier
  • Giambattista Valli
  • Givenchy
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Julien Fournié
  • Maison Margiela
  • Rabih Kayrouz
  • Maurizio Galante
  • Schiaparelli
  • Stéphane Rolland

Correspondent members

Guest members

  • Aelis
  • Aganovich
  • Antonio Grimaldi
  • Azzaro
  • Atelier Garreau
  • Christopher Josse
  • Georges Hobeika
  • Guo Pei
  • Imane Ayissi
  • Julie de Libran
  • Rad Hourani
  • Rahul Mishra
  • Ralph & Russo
  • RR331
  • Ronald van der Kemp
  • Vaishali S
  • Xuan
  • Yuima Nakazato
  • Zuhair Murad
  • Javi Madrid

Former members

  • Anna May
  • Anne Valérie Hash
  • Atelier Gustavolins
  • Balenciaga
  • Callot Soeurs
  • Marie-Louise Carven
  • Christian Lacroix
  • Ektor Von Hoffmeister
  • Emilio Pucci
  • Erica Spitulski
  • Erik Tenorio
  • Escada
  • Frank Sorbier
  • Fred Sathal
  • Gai Mattiolo
  • Germaine Lecomte
  • Grès
  • Guy Laroche
  • Hanae Mori
  • Jacques Fath
  • Atelier Garreau
  • Jacques Griffe
  • Jacques Heim
  • Jean Patou
  • Jean-Louis Scherrer
  • Jeanne Lafaurie
  • Joseph
  • Lanvin
  • Lecoanet Hemant
  • Lefranc Ferrant
  • Loris Azzaro
  • Louis Féraud
  • Lucien Lelong
  • Lucile Manguin
  • Louise Chéruit
  • Mad Carpentier
  • Madeleine Vionnet
  • Madeleine Vramant
  • Maggy Rouff
  • Mainbocher
  • Mak Shoe
  • Marcel Rochas
  • Marcelle Chaumont
  • Marcelle Dormoy
  • Martial et Armand
  • Nina Ricci
  • Paco Rabanne
  • Paul Poiret
  • Philippe et Gaston
  • Pierre Balmain
  • Pierre Cardin
  • Seraglio
  • Robert Piguet
  • Ted Lapidus
  • Thierry Mugler
  • Sophie
  • Torrente
  • Vera Borea
  • Yiqing Yin
  • Yves Saint Laurent

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