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Rolex’s story began with founder Hans Wilsdorf creating the first waterproof wristwatch, the Oyster. This innovation led to a range of timepieces that have become icons of watchmaking.

Rolex has registered over 400 patents throughout its history. Few companies are as consistently associated with the pursuit of excellence, the quest for perfection, and the discovery of innovative solutions and original approaches.

Rolex dominates the luxury watch market, particularly for watches priced over 3,000 Swiss francs, holding around 50% market share. The brand’s strong marketing and distribution network, along with its ability to create a high demand for its iconic products, have driven a steady increase in prices.

Elegance and Innovation of Rolex Watches

Rolex is synonymous with luxury, precision, and innovation. Founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf, the brand revolutionized the watchmaking industry with the introduction of the first waterproof wristwatch, the Oyster, in 1926. With over 400 patents, Rolex continues to lead in horological advancements.

Iconic Models

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  • Oyster: Launched in 1926, the Oyster is the cornerstone of Rolex’s waterproof watch lineup.
  • Daytona: Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2023, the Daytona is a chronograph designed for motorsports enthusiasts.
  • Submariner: Known for its diving capabilities, the Submariner is water-resistant up to 300 meters.
  • GMT-Master II: Ideal for travelers, this model features an additional hand to display a second time zone.
  • Explorer: The Explorer series expanded in 2023 with the new 40mm Explorer 40, powered by the caliber 3230.

Innovation Leader

Rolex has set the standard in the luxury watch industry with its pioneering innovations. The brand’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has cemented its reputation as a leader in high-end watchmaking.

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It has pioneered numerous watchmaking innovations:

  • Automatic Winding: Rolex introduced the self-winding mechanism, enhancing the convenience of wearing mechanical watches.
  • Oyster Case: The first waterproof case, protecting the watch’s movement from dust and moisture.
  • Chronergy Escapement: A cutting-edge component that enhances energy efficiency and resistance to magnetic fields.

Historical Milestones of Rolex

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1905: Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law founded Wilsdorf & Davis in London.

1908: The company registered the name “Rolex,” chosen for its easy pronunciation.

1910: Rolex obtained the first Swiss Certificate of Precision for a wristwatch.

1926: The Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch, was introduced.

1945: Launch of the Datejust, the first automatic wristwatch with a date function.

1956: The Day-Date was introduced, displaying the day of the week in full.

1976: Establishment of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise to support innovative projects.

2002: Launch of the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative to foster the arts.

Rolex does not have a single main store. As a luxury watch manufacturer, Rolex does not sell directly to consumers. Instead, they rely on an extensive global network of official retailers and authorized dealers.

Rolex watches are sold exclusively through approximately 4,000 official retailers worldwide. These retailers are located in over 100 countries, ensuring global accessibility.

Rolex’s global headquarters and main offices are in Geneva, Switzerland. This is where the company’s watches are designed and assembled.

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