CARTIER, the king of jewelers

CARTIER, the king of jewelers

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CARTIER, the king of jewelers CARTIER, the king of jewelers

CARTIER, the Master of timeless elegance and innovation

Uncover the captivating story of CARTIER, the legendary brand that has been shaping the world of luxury for over a century. Explore its latest videos, and discover the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

King Edward VII of Great Britain referred to Cartier as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers”.

Cartier’s uniqueness lies in the overall effect of its savoir-faire and techniques and its ability to unite rare crafts, preserving them in a constant search for innovation.

Cartier is a French luxury goods conglomerate which designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewellery and watches. It was founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847. The company maintains its headquarters in Paris, although it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group.

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The birth of a legendary brand

Louis-François Cartier founded the company in Paris in 1847 when he took over the workshop of his master, Adolphe Picard. In 1874, Louis-François’ son, Alfred, took over the company, but it was Alfred’s sons Louis, Pierre, and Jacques who established the brand name worldwide.

Cartier - rue de la paix

Cartier ran the Paris branch, moving to the Rue de la Paix in 1899. He was responsible for some of the company’s most celebrated designs, such as the mystery clocks, fashionable wristwatches and exotic orientalist Art Deco designs, including the colorful “Tutti Frutti” jewels.

Cartier - Tutti Frutti

In 1904, the Brazilian pioneer aviator, Alberto Santos-Dumont complained to his friend Louis Cartier of the unreliability and impracticality of using pocket watches while flying. Cartier designed a flat wristwatch with a distinctive square bezel.

This watch was favored not only by Santos-Dumont himself, but also by many other customers. This was the first and only time the brand would name a watch after its original wearer. The Santos watch was Cartier’s first men’s wristwatch.

In 1907, Cartier signed a contract with Edmond Jaeger, who agreed to exclusively supply the movements for Cartier watches.

Cartier Santos watch

Among his team was Charles Jacqueau, who joined Louis in 1909 for the rest of his life, and Jeanne Toussaint, who was Director of Fine Jewelry from 1933.

What are CARTIER’s latest videos?

Experience the epitome of elegance and luxury with CARTIER’s latest videos:

When Cartier sets out to conquer the world?

Pierre Cartier established the New York City branch in 1909, moving in 1917 to 653 Fifth Avenue, the Neo-Renaissance mansion of Morton Freeman Plant (son of railroad tycoon Henry B. Plant) and designed by architect C.P.H. Gilbert.

Cartier new york 5th avenue

He bought it from the Plants in exchange for $100 in cash and a double-stranded natural pearl necklace valued at the time at $1 million. By this time, Cartier had branches in London, New York and Saint Petersburg and was quickly becoming one of the most successful watch companies in the world.

Designed by Louis, the Tank watch model was introduced in 1919. Its design inspired by the newly introduced tanks on the Western Front in World War I. In the early 1920s, Cartier formed a joint-stock company with Edward Jaeger (of Jaeger-LeCoultre) to produce movements solely.

Cartier watch tank design 1920s

Cartier continued to use movements from other makers: Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Movado and LeCoultre. It was also during this period that it began adding its own reference numbers to the watches it sold, usually by stamping a four-digit code on the underside of a lug. Jacques took charge of the London operations and eventually moved to the current address at New Bond Street.

More info about Cartier

What is Cartier’s nationality?

Is Cartier French or Swiss?

Cartier is a French brand, but it also produces from factories located in Switzerland.

Who owns Cartier?

Cartier was founded in 1847. has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group since 1964.


What are the essential points to consider about Cartier?

Cartier is a French luxury goods conglomerate that designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells jewelry and watches. Founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. The company has become a household name in the world of luxury and has been referred to as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers” by King Edward VII of Great Britain.

The company’s success can be attributed to its unique blend of savoir-faire and techniques, which allow it to bring together rare crafts and continuously innovate. Cartier has a long history of creating iconic designs, such as the mystery clocks, the Santos wristwatch, and the Tank watch. The company has branches in London, New York, Paris, and Saint Petersburg.


Where is the main Cartier store?

Cartier has maintained a strong connection to its Parisian roots and remains headquartered in Paris to this day. Today, Cartier operates a global network of stores, with flagship locations in many of the world’s most prestigious cities, including Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo.

What is Cartier’s official website?

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