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Bentley Motors is founded by Walter Owen Bentley in 1919. The current team is over 4,000 dedicated employees. The company’s extraordinary cars have always been designed and built by exceptional people using only the finest of materials.

Over 100 experts from around the world work closely with our engineers. Production experts and craftspeople constantly seek the insights and ideas to inspire the next great Bentley

What is the history and legacy of Bentley, the British luxury automaker?

Bentley, the British automaker renowned for its luxurious and high-performance cars, was established in London in 1919 by the visionary Walter Owen Bentley.

Walter Owen Bentley - To build a good car, a fast car, the best in its class

From 1927 to 1930, Bentley dominated the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, securing an impressive five victories with their cutting-edge 3-liter engine featuring aluminum pistons and four valves per cylinder. 

the Bentley Boys at Le Mans

These triumphant achievements were accomplished by a group of affluent British motorists, known as the “Bentley Boys,” which included the celebrated aviator Glen Kidston, who pledged their loyalty to the brand in their quest for racing glory, thus elevating the marque’s prestige.

The Bentley Boys

Following the tumultuous events of the 1929 economic crisis, Rolls-Royce absorbed Bentley in 1931. In the 1950s and 1960s, the brand’s most recognizable model was the Continental.

Bentley Mulsanne - 2019

Between 1973 and 1998, Bentley models were produced alongside those of Rolls-Royce, with only minor alterations. Since 1998, both brands have been owned by the Volkswagen AG Group for the sum of 430 million pounds sterling, following a fierce bidding war with BMW. While BMW supplied the V8 engines for Bentley and the V12 engines for Rolls-Royce until 2003, the Volkswagen W12 engine has been the primary powertrain for Bentley since then, with the exception of the Azure and Arnage models, which utilize a 6.75-liter V8 engine.

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What is Bentley’s recent history?

Since the introduction of the Bentley Continental GT in 2004, sales have skyrocketed.

Bentley Mulsanne - Prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Monterey California

The Arnage model was succeeded by the Bentley Mulsanne, unveiled in 2009 at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, California.

Crafted in partnership with Mulliner, the world’s oldest coachbuilder, the Bentley Batur has emerged as the remarkable successor to the acclaimed Bentley Bacalar in 2022. 

Bentley Batur - 2022

With its unrivaled combination of power and style, the Batur has established itself as the ultimate two-seat grand tourer, representing the pinnacle of Bentley’s engineering excellence.

However, exclusivity is at the heart of the Batur’s charm, with a limited production run of less than 20 units available at launch, each priced at approximately $2 million. 

Bentley Batur

This ensures that only the most discerning and affluent automotive enthusiasts can indulge in the unparalleled luxury and performance that this automotive masterpiece has to offer.

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Is Bentley English or German?

Based in Crewe, England and owned by German company Volkswagen AG since 1998, Bentley Motors remains the UK’s leading luxury car manufacturer, producing some of the world’s most sought-after high-performance grand tourers.

How Rolls Royce and Bentley are related?

Bentley and Rolls-Royce was the same car brand that has been around since the dawn of luxury cars. When the manufacturers parted ways, Rolls-Royce got all the Bentley merchandise except for its name. Today, they are independent brands that manufacture, market, distribute and sell their own vehicles.

Where are Bentleys made?

Bentley cars are handcrafted in Crewe, Cheshire, UK, where the brand has been based since its inception in 1919. The Crewe factory is a state-of-the-art facility that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to produce some of the most luxurious and high-performing cars in the world.

What Bentley models have been created since the brand was created?

1921-1929 : Bentley 3 liter (2996 cc)
1926-1930 : Bentley 6½ liter (6597 cc)
1927-1931 : Bentley 4½ liter (4398 cc)
1930-1931 : Bentley 8 liter (7982 cc)
1931-1934 : Bentley 4 liter (3915 cc)
1933-1936 : Bentley 3½ liter (3669 cc)
1936-1939 : Bentley 4¼ liter (4257 cc)
1939-1941 : Bentley Mark V (4257 cc)
1946-1952 : Bentley Mark VI (4257, 4566 cc)
1952 : Bentley Continental Mark VI (4566 cc)
1952-1955 : Bentley R Type et R Continental Modèle:(unité)
1955-1966 : Bentley S Type et S Continental
1955-1959 : S1 (en) (4887 cc)
1959-1962 : S2 (en) (V8 6230 cc)
1962-1965 : S3 (en) (V8 6230 cc)
1957-1966 : Bentley S Continental Flying Spur (V8 6230 cc)
1965-1980 : Bentley T (V8 6230, 6750 cc)
1971-1984 : Bentley Corniche (V8 6750 cc)

1980-1987 : Bentley Mulsanne – Mulsanne Turbo (V8 6750 cc)
1984-1992 : Bentley Eight (V8 6750 cc)
1984-1995 : Bentley Continental (V8 6750 cc)
1985-1985 : Bentley Camargue (V8 6750 cc)
1985-1995 : Bentley Turbo R (V8 6750 cc)
1987-1992 : Bentley Mulsanne S (V8 6750 cc)
1991-2003 : Bentley Continental R-S-T-SC + Mulliner (V8 6750 cc)
1992-1997 : Bentley Brooklands (V8 6750 cc)
1994-1995 : Bentley Turbo S (V8 6750 cc)
1995-2003 : Bentley Azure (V8 6750 cc)
1995-1997 : Bentley Turbo R Sport (V8 6750 cc)
1997-1998 : Bentley Turbo RT (V8 6750 cc)
1998-2000 : Bentley Arnage (V8 4398 cc)
1999-2002 : Bentley Arnage Red Label (V8 6750 cc)
2001-2010 : Bentley Arnage R-T-RL (V8 6750 cc)
2002-2002 : Bentley State Limousine (V8 6750 cc)
2001-2003 : Bentley Speed 8 (V8 3993 cc)
2003-2017 : Bentley Continental GT (V8 3993 cc, W12 5998 cc)

2003-2017 : Bentley Continental GTC (V8 3993 cc, W12 5998 cc)
2005-2012 : Bentley Continental Flying Spur (W12 5998 cc)
2006-2010 : Bentley Azure (V8 6750 cc)
2008-2011 : Bentley Brooklands (V8 6750 cc)
2010-2020 : Bentley Mulsanne (V8 6750 cc)
2013-2019 : Bentley Flying Spur (V8 3993 cc, W12 5998 cc)
2016- : Bentley Bentayga (V8 (diesel) 3996 cc, V8 4806 cc, W12 5998 cc)
2018- : Bentley Continental GT II
2019- : Bentley Flying Spur II
2020- : Bentley Bacalar
2022- : Bentley Batur

Where is the main Bentley store?

Bentley Motors is a British luxury car brand that can be found in exclusive dealerships around the world. The brand’s flagship showroom is located in Crewe, Cheshire, UK. Additionally, there are dealerships located in major cities throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. When visiting a Bentley dealership, you can expect exceptional customer service and a personalized buying experience that is tailored to your unique preferences and needs.

For those who want to experience the luxury of a Bentley without committing to a full-time ownership, there are several options for renting a Bentley. Luxury car rental companies, such as Hertz Dream Cars, Sixt, and Avis Prestige, offer Bentley rental services in major cities around the world. Additionally, some Bentley dealerships offer short-term rental programs for their customers, allowing you to experience the thrill of driving a Bentley without the commitment of owning one.

Bentley owners can find authorized service centers around the world, which offer expert care and attention to detail for all Bentley models.

What is Bentley Motors’ official website?

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