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Luxury Redefined: Elevating the Art of Living with Club de l’élégance

Elevating the Luxury Experience: Club de l’élégance‘s Commitments to Excellence

About our global engagements

Our organization is a major luxury brand and media outlet dedicated to showcasing the very best in luxury brands and products. Our engagements aim to promote the art de vivre, luxury lifestyle, art in fashion, and the best luxury brands. Moreover, we seek to increase knowledge on luxury history, art in luxury, and the values of luxury crafting.

Through our events, we bring together the world’s most discerning individuals to celebrate the finest in luxury. Our organization is committed to elevating the luxury experience through our unique and exclusive events that highlight the best in luxury craftsmanship and innovation. We work closely with our partners and members to provide unparalleled access to the most coveted luxury brands and experiences.

For a complete description of our organization, please visit our website at https://elegance-suisse.ch/. You can also explore our collection of the best luxury brands at https://elegance-suisse.ch/marques-luxe/ and learn more about the luxury industry as a whole at https://elegance-suisse.ch/secteurs-luxe/. We also encourage you to check out any available public reports on related subjects.

About engagements regarding sustainability

In addition to our engagements to promote luxury brands and products, Club de l’élégance is also committed to promoting sustainability in luxury craftmaking. We believe that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand, and that it is our responsibility to promote environmentally responsible practices in the luxury industry.

Through our engagements, we work with luxury brands and craftsmen to develop and promote sustainable practices in the production of luxury goods. This includes using sustainable materials, reducing waste and carbon emissions, and promoting fair labor practices.

We also strive to educate our members and partners on the importance of sustainability in luxury craftmaking. By highlighting the environmental and social impacts of luxury production, we aim to encourage a shift towards more sustainable practices in the luxury industry.

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Join us in promoting the art of living and the very best in luxury. Let us elevate your luxury experience to the next level.

About Elegance Club

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Celebrating the art of elegance: showcasing the best with Club de l’élegance

Le Club de l’elegance selects the best luxury and fashion brands worldwide from different luxury sectors such as high jewelry, high watchmaking, high fashion and more. The Club contributes to promoting these brands through news and video clips and recommends the best boutiques to visit in prestigious cities like Geneva, Paris, Milan, London, Dubai, New York, Singapore, Beijing, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beverly HillsSan Diego – California.