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Harry Winston

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Harry Winston Harry Winston

Harry Winston is an American luxury jeweler and producer of Swiss timepieces, founded in 1932 and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group.

Harry Winston’s perfect diamonds celebrate love, using pioneering techniques, extraordinary jewels and highest quality precious gemstones.

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What is Harry Winston’s success story?

Winston’s father, Jacob, opened a small jewelry business. He and Winston’s mother were Jewish immigrants from Ukraine to the United States.

Growing up, he worked in his father’s store. At age 12, he found a 2-carat emerald at a pawnshop, bought it for 25 cents, and sold it for $800 two days later.

Harry Winston

Winston started his business in 1920 and opened his first store in New York City in 1932.

Winston’s jewelry empire began in 1926 with the acquisition of Arabella Huntington’s jewelry collection for $1.2 million.

Arabella Huntington’s jewelry collection - Harry Winston

Arabella, wife of railroad tycoon Henry E. Huntington, has assembled one of the world’s most prestigious jewelry collections, mostly from Parisian jewelers such as Cartier.

Harry Winston heritage collection

When Winston purchased the collection after her death and reworked it into a more contemporary style and showcased his unique jewelry making skills.

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What is Harry Winston known for?

Honored with the title “King of Diamonds”, Harry Winston has emerged as one of the preeminent brokers in the industry of exceptional diamonds.

Who is Harry Winston owned by?

Harry Winston is owned by the Swiss Swatch Group since 2013.