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Experience the ultimate in luxury travel with our insider’s guide to Beverly Hills, California. From stunning attractions to world-renowned luxury brands and hotels, our guide has everything you need to plan the trip of a lifetime.

About Beverly Hills, the Garden Spot of the World.

With only about 35’000 inhabitants, Beverly Hills is famous around the world, mainly due to the many celebrities who live there.

About the Rodeo Drive Festival

This neighborhood inside Beverly Hills is known for its luxury goods stores. It refers to the three-block stretch of  Wilshire Boulevard and Little Santa Monica Boulevard. It also hosts the annual Rodeo Drive Festival of Watches and Jewelry.

What is the Fascinating History Behind Beverly Hills, the Iconic Playground of the Rich and Famous?

Beverly Hills, located in Los Angeles County, California, has a storied history that dates back to the early 20th century. Originally a Spanish ranch, the land was purchased in 1900 by a group of investors who saw the potential for a planned community. They hired architect Wilbur D. Cook to design a master plan that incorporated wide streets, lush landscaping, and Mediterranean-style homes.

Beverly Hills grew rapidly, becoming a popular destination for the rich and famous in the 1920s and 1930s. The city’s luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, and glamorous nightlife drew celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, and Clark Gable.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Beverly Hills continued to evolve, with the development of modernist architecture and the growth of the entertainment industry. The city also became a center for high-end retail, with famous shopping destinations such as Rodeo Drive.

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Today, Beverly Hills remains one of the most prestigious and affluent cities in the United States, known for its luxurious homes, world-class shopping, and celebrity sightings.

What are the best places to visit in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills, located in Los Angeles County, California, is a city known for its luxury lifestyle and glamorous reputation. Here are some of its must-visit touristic sites:

Rodeo Drive

This famous street is known for its high-end designer boutiques and luxury shopping, and is a must-visit for fans of fashion.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

This iconic hotel is a symbol of luxury and is a popular destination for celebrities and the jet set.

Greystone Mansion

This historic mansion is now a park and is a must-visit for fans of architecture and history.

The Beverly Hills Civic Center

This iconic building is a symbol of the city’s wealth and is a must-visit for fans of civic architecture.

Wilshire Boulevard

This famous street is lined with historic buildings and is a must-visit for fans of Los Angeles’ urban landscape.

The Beverly Hills Farmers Market

This popular market is held every Sunday and offers a chance to sample the city’s finest local food and produce.

The Beverly Hills High School

This iconic high school is a must-visit for fans of American education and is the alma mater of many famous alumni.

The Beverly Hills Dog Show

This popular event is held annually and features some of the world’s most beautiful dogs and is a must-visit for fans of canine competition.

The Beverly Hills Library

This beautiful library is a must-visit for fans of books and learning.

The Beverly Hills Sunset Strip

This iconic strip of road is lined with historic music venues and is a must-visit for fans of the entertainment industry.

Beverly Hills: Where Luxury Fashion Reigns Supreme

Step into the world of glitz and glamour in Beverly Hills, where luxury fashion takes center stage amidst the palm-lined streets and opulent estates. Explore the legendary Rodeo Drive, an iconic destination that embodies the essence of high-end fashion and exclusivity.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive, nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, is a renowned shopping district that has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication. As you enter this fashion mecca, you’ll be greeted by a captivating blend of designer boutiques, flagship stores, and iconic fashion labels that cater to the elite clientele.

The allure of Rodeo Drive lies not only in its world-class fashion offerings but also in its exquisite atmosphere. The palm tree-lined streets and beautifully manicured storefronts create an ambiance of elegance and refinement. 

From luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Versace to renowned jewelers like Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston, Rodeo Drive presents an unrivaled selection of the finest designer creations.

The neighborhood’s reputation as a fashion haven is further enhanced by its association with Hollywood glamour. Many celebrities and fashion icons frequent the boutiques of Rodeo Drive, seeking the latest trends and statement pieces. As you explore the district, you may find yourself walking in the footsteps of fashion legends and catching glimpses of high-profile individuals who frequent these prestigious establishments.

Beyond the shopping experience, Beverly Hills offers a wealth of luxurious amenities that complement the fashion scene. Indulge in award-winning dining at exquisite restaurants, pamper yourself at world-class spas, and unwind in luxurious hotels that epitomize sophistication and comfort. Beverly Hills is a destination that caters to every aspect of the luxury lifestyle.

The neighborhood’s allure extends beyond fashion, as it also boasts cultural landmarks and events that add to its appeal. The renowned Paley Center for Media showcases the influence of fashion in entertainment, while annual events like the Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance celebrate the art of classic and luxury automobiles, creating a seamless connection between fashion, style, and automotive elegance.

Beverly Hills is a place where dreams come true and luxury fashion becomes a way of life. It’s a neighborhood that exudes exclusivity, offering an experience that transcends ordinary shopping and transports you into a world of unparalleled elegance and sophistication.

Where are the best luxury hotels and shopping stores in Beverly Hills ?

Here you’ll find a selection of top luxury brands located in Beverly Hills. Following are the very best brands for watches, fine jewelry, fashion and other luxury products and services.


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