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PVH Corp: American Fashion Powerhouse and Iconic Brands

Crafting Fashion Futures

PVH Corp: American Fashion Powerhouse and Iconic Brands

 A Heritage of Fashion Innovation

PVH Corp stands as a beacon of fashion innovation, a conglomerate at the forefront of the global apparel industry. With its roots deeply embedded in a rich history of craftsmanship, PVH Corp has become synonymous with quality, style, and trendsetting designs. This legacy has been built over years of dedication to excellence, transforming the way fashion is perceived and consumed worldwide.

The Fashion Vanguard

Established in 1881 as Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, PVH Corp has grown to become one of the most admired fashion and lifestyle companies in the world. It’s a powerhouse that owns a range of iconic brands, including Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, each with its unique identity and customer base. Through strategic acquisitions and visionary leadership, PVH Corp has expanded its reach, offering a diverse range of products that cater to a broad spectrum of consumers.

Global Expansion and Iconic Brands

PVH Corp not only leads in brand portfolio diversity but also in its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. The company’s operations span over 40 countries, with a focus on ethical manufacturing practices and reducing environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability is integrated into every aspect of the business, ensuring that PVH Corp not only sets trends in fashion but also in corporate responsibility and global stewardship.

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What are the major brands owned by PVH Corp?

PVH Corp owns renowned brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Warner’s, Olga, and True & Co., and also licenses brands such as Kenneth Cole New York and Michael Kors​.

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Where are PVH Corp’s headquarters and global operations located?

PVH Corp is headquartered in Manhattan, New York, and operates in various locations including Bridgewater, New Jersey; Reading, Pennsylvania; Jonesville, North Carolina; and McDonough, Georgia, in the United States. Globally, PVH has a presence in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Honduras.

What are some key historical milestones for PVH Corp?

PVH Corp has a history of innovation and expansion, including the patent for a self-folding collar in 1919, introduction of the first collar-attached shirt in 1929, acquisition of G. H. Bass in 1987, Izod brand in 1995, Arrow brand in 2000, and Calvin Klein in 2002. The company also acquired Tommy Hilfiger in 2010 and Warnaco Group in 2013.

How does PVH Corp distribute its products?

PVH Corp distributes its products through popular department stores like JC Penney, Macy’s, MYER, David Jones, Kohl’s, Belk, and Dillard’s, as well as online through Amazon. They also have approximately 700 outlet stores under the Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein brand names.

What is PVH Corp’s ranking in the industry?

In 2017, Forbes ranked PVH Corp 25th out of 890 companies on their “Just company” list, reflecting its standing in the business and fashion industry.

Where is PVH’s head office located?

Phillips-Van Heusen, PVH headquarters is located in Manhattan, New York.

PVH Corp: American Fashion Powerhouse and Iconic Brands USA

What is the official website of PVH Corp?

Visit the official PVH Corp website