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Our platform is visited by high-end customers looking for elegance and excellence.

Your brand is visible in the pages of the platform, such as those dedicated to the best brands and the luxury sector that is associated with your brand.

By referencing your brand, it benefits from a dedicated page, intended to enhance your image and invite visitors to visit your website or boutique.

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A backlink to your website from our platform helps improve your natural positioning in Google search results.



Recommending your brand to a high-end audience is a guarantee of quality and trust for our audience.



We can be a partner of your events and participate in your communication actions. You can ask us to relay prestigious events in which you are partners.

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Club de l'élégance - Elegance swiss

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3. As soon as the offer is validated, we proceed to put it online.

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GENERAL CONDITIONS: Requests are subject to approval before acceptance. Eligibility criteria require the brand to be associated with premium products or services.