Luxury brands looted in USA

Protests turn into looting

June 2, 2020

For several days, the riots which have shaken the US after the assassination of George Floyd by a police officer, have led to an unfortunate escalation towards scenes of looting.

Luxury brand stores have been looted.

Louis Vuitton , Dior and Fendi (LVMH Group), Cartier (Richemont Group), Gucci (Kering Group), Chanel ,  RolexPrada, Hermès, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Moncler, Mercedes-Benz, Sephora, Diesel,… as well as many other brands as Swatch (Swatch group), Nordstrom, Adidas, Nike, Apple, Walmart,…

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Protests turn into looting

Luxury stores were looted over the weekend amid protests over the death of George Floyd. High-end retailers in areas such as SoHo were already on board while retail stores were closing worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic

During this first week end riots, Police said they arrested around 250 people on Sunday evening, up from 340 on Saturday. Some were arrested outside Soho stores, where looters emptied bags from city garbage cans and filled them with high-end store goods.

Are USA riots encouraged ?

There is evidence that demonstrations in the United States are being encouraged to turn into riots or even looting.

Various police sources confirm that groups are coordinating the current riots. Although it is unclear who is funding this movement.

Even if this situation does not threaten the integrity of the territory, it could nevertheless pave the way for a cultural confrontation between the communities that share the country.

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